When Mama's Right, She's Right

So me and Hoyt. How 'bout that. You know what I keep askin' myself?


What would it look like?


We can't get married. Not legally, at least. I mean, we could go to Vermont, but it doesn't really mean anything anywhere else and I don't want to live in Vermont. Can't have kids. Maxine so kindly reminded me of that the first time we met. So I guess it'd just be us. Me and Hoyt. Hoyt and me. Maybe we could combine our last names. The Hambenberrys. Or the Fortenbys. I don't know if I could introduce myself to anyone as Jessica Hambenberry without crackin' up. And Fortenby doesn't sound too good neither. And our bed! Bed is important, right? Everybody has their "side." Maybe Hoyt'd be on the left, the right side could be mine. He could have his comics on the nightstand. And some gummy bears, he likes to munch on those when he can't sleep sometimes... This all, of course, could only work if our bed was in a cubby and Hoyt somehow became nocturnal. I wonder how I could convince him of that?


The truth is, I don't know what it would look like. And that's half of what I love about bein' with Hoyt. And the other half? Well, that’s private :)


My mama once said that people will always surprise you. I didn't know what she meant, or maybe I didn't believe it. People in my life, back when I was human, were oh so predictable. But Hoyt? When I told him the truth about me? When I unzipped my outsides and let him take a peek inside, so he could see there's almost nothin’ else there besides V and some old-fashioned female insecurity, he surprised the hell outta me. Hoyt Fortenberry, I dare say you proved my mama right.